Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Neighborhood:  Brooklyn Heights

 This painting is not a Manhattan manhole, but it is a sidewalk, ground sculpture of a sundial.  My intention that day was to go out and paint a particular manhole.  When I arrived at the location, I realized that I had already done that particular one.  I had dragged this big piece of canvas with me to the site, all my equipment, and all my paint, but there was nothing to paint.  I looked around and spotted this sculpture and thought, “This is going to be beautiful.”  I used the same technique that I use for my manhole paintings.  As you can see, the lines are cleaner because there was no humidity in the air the day I painted it.  I was able to really hone in on my favorite parts of this manhole.  I especially like the way the water I used to spray it with dried peacefully in the center.  As I observe this painting, the colors change on me.  Sometimes they are purple; sometimes blue.  Other times, the colors are yellow.   For the longest time, I did not like this painting, but it has become one of my favorites. 

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