Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Neighborhood:  Morningside Heights

The oldest of the manholes in this series, this painting is of a manhole made in 1872, which I painted shortly after my mother had passed.  Although it is an old manhole, you can see that the lines are still very clean.  I have seen this manhole in other locations, but the lines were often decrepit.  In these manholes, the metal or the iron had broken down and the lines were not as clean.  This manhole looks as if it was made yesterday even though it is over one hundred years old and really stood out for me.

Although I was tempted, I intentionally did not bring up the date.  I strongly believe that when someone dies, you can’t put a date on that death.  I often hear people saying that “So and so died at aged fifty or some other age.” How can they say that?  There is no real date.  What is important is what the person accomplishes on this earth in the amount of time she is here. That, to me, is what is timeless. 

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