Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Neighborhood: SOHO

When I arrived at the location I had intended to paint, I could not believe that a huge concrete barrier was covering the manhole. There had been a bomb threat and the FBI used these barriers to close the street. Disappointed, I didn’t know what I was going to do because I had set this day aside for painting. Not willing to lose a painting day, I started to walk north and carrying all my materials with me. I ended up in SOHO, where I found something very similar to the manhole I had originally wanted to paint. Actually, this manhole worked out better, but there was just one problem. The manhole was right in the middle of a driveway. Cars were pulling in or out and I had to dodge traffic as I painted. Most of the drivers were great; they could see that I was all splattered with paint and knew what I was doing and went around me.
I especially like the strong brush stroke patterns in this piece. I think that the greens and yellows give it a kind of floral feeling. It was a hot day and the painting dried quickly, but I had fun painting this piece.  (sold)

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