Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Neighborhood:  West Village
This painting depicts another common manhole.  It has the most depth of all the paintings in this series.  Its simple pattern allowed me to explore some things on the outside of this manhole that I liked.  The more I explored these things on the outside, the more the manhole in the middle popped up.  Even though I had seen this manhole often, I chose this particular one because it is close to my favorite pizza joint, Joe’s Pizza, down in the West Village.     Whenever I took breaks from my painting, I was able to get a couple of slices of pizza.  I have a very strong attraction to Joe’s Pizza and I always tell them that when New York City drives me crazy, I have to ground myself with why I am still here.  Generally, my daughter and Joe’s Pizza are the two reasons I stay in New York.  (sold) 

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